Sunday, December 11, 2011

DURYEA - America's First Automobile ?

The Duryea brothers - Charles Duryea (1861 - 1939) and Frank Duryea (1870 - 1967) are credited with creating Americas first practical Gasoline powered automobile in the year 1892.

Their automobile went on the win the 1895 Times-Herald, $2000  prize money race of 54 Miles in about 10 hours beating the German imports. The Dureya motor wagon company started in 1896 and was finally closed down in 1917. The automobile was fitted with a single cylinder , 4 HP engine with electic ignition.

Logo of the Steven - Duryea

A  Stevens-Duryea car. Stevens-Duryea company ceased production in 1924.

While the Duryea brothers is generally credited with producing America's first practical Gasoline powered automobile , John William Lambert is rumoured to have made first 3 wheeled gasolione powered motocycle in 1891.