Sunday, January 29, 2012

HAYNES-APPERSON : Advertised as America's first car

Elwood P Haynes (1856 - 1925) was an American inventor in the field of metallurgy and was credited with the invention of Stellite and stainless steel. In 1893 , he got interested in IC engines, procured a 1 HP Stint engine and tries to experiment fitting the engine on to a buggy. He enlisted the help of a local machine shop run by the Apperson brothers - Elmer Apperson & Edgar Apperson to complete the build.

The first car , Pioneer I , was completed in 1894 and was successfully tested.

A second car, Pioneer II , was completed for the 1895 Times-Herald race and while diving to the starting line, the wheel of the car got damaged and could not participate in the race.

In 1898 , the Haynes-Apperson company was incorporated to manufacture and sell cars. In 1901, the Apperson brothers quit the company and in 1905, the company was renamed as Haynes Automobile company.

Haynes continued to manufacture cars known for their reliability and long distance running capability. Below is an example - a 1914 Haynes.

The Logo of Haynes -

Haynes Automobile company ceased manufacture in 1925. While the car company closed its doors , the STELLITE lives on in the Engine valve seats of most engines, even today.

Whoever created America's first car - Duryea or Winton or Haynes , these were the pioneers of American Automotive legacy.

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