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MORS - Race cars

Emile Mors (1859 - 1942) , a Frenchman , was in to his family business of electrical equipment when he got interested in cars - steam cars.  During 1887 - 89 , one of his employees Henri Brasier built a three wheeled steam car. After experimenting with steam for a few years , they shifted ther focus to petrol engine cars

By 1897 , Mors built their first car - a 2 seater , 5 HP car and achieved an average speed of 19 mph in races.

Mors and Panhard & Levassor were the leaders in all the races during this period and race car driven designs evolved very quickly , each trying to out do the other. In 1901/1902 , Mors introduced the famous race car , the Mors 60 HP - the first V4 engine on a car , pumping 60 HP out of 10 litre capacity. The rear wheels were driven through chain. A Mors 60 HP -

In 1902, Mors was the first car to use shock absorbers to improve the ride quality and thus improve stability and increase average speeds in the races.

Some of the famous MORS models are - a 1904 Mors, a 1909 Mors and a 1925 Mors  (last car) -

In 1905/06 . Mors Collaborated with St Louis Motors in the US to make and sell Mors in America, a venture which did not work well.

The Mors Logo -

By 1906 , Mors was in financial trouble and Andre Citroen was appointed as the Managing Director. Things started looking better for the next few years in car production and later during war production. By 1922, Mors was acquired by Citroen Motors as additional capacity to manufacture Citroen cars and by 1925 the Mors brand was dropped.

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