Saturday, August 4, 2012

LOCOMOBILE - Steam to Gas

John Brisben Walker (1847 - 1931), a magazine editor and Amzi Lorenzo Barber (1843 - 1909) , a road asphalting contractor formed the Locomobile Company to manufacture steam automobiles - the name Locomobile being derived out of Locomotive & Automobile.

In 1899, they bough the patent rights for a steam car from the Stanley brothers for $250,000, with only one car of that design made and 199 pending orders.  Shortly after formation of the company John Walker left Locomobile. From 1899 till about 1902, Locomobile made and sold about 4000 steam cars. A 1901 Locomobile steamer -

Locomobile steamers were the first automobiles to be used in a war , the Boer war between 1899 - 1902. They were used as generators and to carry search lights.

Locomobile steamers were highly unreliable and troublesome and in 1902, Locomobile company sold  the patents back to Stanley brothers for $20000 and shifted their concentration towards Internal Combustion engine automobiles.

Locomobile appointed Andrew L Riker to design and make a internal combustion  engine automobile and the first car was made in 1904. Locomobile company participated in racing and, in 1906, was the first American car to win the Vanderbilt cup. The 1906 Vanderbilt racer -

The most famous of Locomobile cars was the Model 48 -

Locomobile was taken over by Durant Motors in 1922 and continued to make cars under the Locomobile Brand name. Durant motors along with Locomobile closed operations in 1929. One of the last Locomobile cars , a 1928 Locomobile -

The Locomobile logo -

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