Sunday, March 31, 2013

CLEMENT BAYARD - Bicycles to aircrafts

In 1896 , Gustave Adolphe Clement (1855 - 1928) along with Charles Chetwynd Talbot and Harry Lawson (Daimler , England) acquired the Gladiator Cycle Company and renamed it as Clement , Gladiator & Humber (France) Ltd. They were in to manufacture of bicycles. Bicycles were sold under the Clement-Garrad brand. In 1897, with the collapse of the Lawson empire, the company was renamed as Clement Gladiator cycles.

Clement Gladiator experimented with motorisation and were one of the few manufacturer to bring out motorised bicycles and tricycles. The first Clement-Gladiator motorcar was introduced in 1902.

In 1903, the company was split to two branches - Clement-Talbot in Britain  and Clement-Bayard in France. The Bayard name was in recognition of Chevalier Pierre Terrali , Seigneurde Bayard, the savior of the city of Mezierres where the Clement Bayard factory stood.

Some of the Clement Bayard Cars -

A 1908 Clement Bayard 

A 1912 Clement Bayard -

A 1913 Clement Bayard -

In 1908 Clement Bayard went on to manufacture aero-planes. In 1909, the French Government allowed Aldolphe Clement to use the name Bayard and thus he was officially known as Adolphe Clement- Bayard.

In 1922, Clement Bayard was taken over by Citroen.

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